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Please note that the OneTwoTrade brand has been shut-down and that the company is in the process of renouncing its license.

General enquiries can still be directed to Customer Support via email: We will endeavor to respond within 48 hours of receiving your enquiry.



Technology That Gets Out Of Your Way

serversTechnology is designed to make life easier, not more complicated. That’s our attitude towards technology, anyway. And with that principle in mind, we set to work on delivering the best possible software and hardware to power the world's market leader in Binary Options tradings.

We started with the software. We teamed up with the world's leaders in software development in this industry and worked closely with them to custom build a software solution centered primarily around user experience. We implemented cutting edge technology and worked alongside brilliant minds to create OneTwoTrade. The entire experience is centered around creating a user-friendly and enjoyable environment by optimizing every aspect of the experience.

The most difficult challenge we faced was distilling the complexity of Binary Options into an easy to use, user-friendly platform that anyone could enjoy, regardless of their particular trading background. In 2012, OneTwoTrade received an award honouring its achievement in delivering an extraordinary product that is extremely easy to use. Since then, OneTwoTrade has continued to delight its clients with exceptional service and consistently fine-tuned technology.

After mastering our software, we focused on our hardware. We needed to build a server environment that was robust, secure, and powerful, but also optimized to run our custom built software perfectly. We teamed up with a leading hardware provider to design a server configuration to achieve all our goals. The results exceeded our expectations: We proudly power one of the most powerful, modern, and reliable hardware setups for a Binary Options platform.

So what does all this technobabble mean for you? Quite simply, it means that you’ll have the very best trading experience in the world. With almost no downtime, ultra-fast page loading times and state-of-the-art software, you can expect nothing short of excellence. Experience for yourself why OneTwoTrade’s superior technology allows us to remain the market leader.

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