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Please note that the OneTwoTrade brand has been shut-down and that the company is in the process of renouncing its license.

General enquiries can still be directed to Customer Support via email: We will endeavor to respond within 48 hours of receiving your enquiry.




Double up allows you to buy another SmartOption for the same asset for the same bet amount. By doing so, you potentially double your potential payout.

Rollover allows you to change your SmartOption expiry time by extending the trade period. Rollover can only be used once.

First, check that you are within market trading hours. All our assets are available during market trading hours; assest will not be displayed outside those hours. Check if you have sufficient funds in your account. If there is no apparent reason why you cannot trade, please, contact us via email at:

The expiration time is the time and date at which a SmartOption expires, which, in turn, is the time you have chosen for your trade to end.

The expiry rate is the price of your chosen asset at the expiration time.

In the event that the option expires ‘out of the money,’ it means that your prediction has ended unsuccessfully following the expiration time and you have lost your trade.

A successful trade will result in a guaranteed return of between 65-80% of the initial amount traded. The payout for each successful trade is indicated upfront on the site for each underlying asset that you select.